Balkan Wound Management Association, BALWMA, is founded in Sarajevo in August 2014.

BALWMA is a voluntary, independent, non-profitable association of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health workers who deal with and/or are interested in wound management and who do research in this area and that all country associations are members of.

Participation of Balkan Countries, because the global trend of regional associations “ based on common interest and solidarity.

All country associations are members in the European Wound Management Association ( EWMA).

The issue of regional cooperation is of utmost importance for any region as the synergy of common efforts which bring more results then individual efforts.

In addition, countries in the region still have a similar organization of health.

As the European Union (EU) expands to the east and south, the Balkans is considered by many current and prospective to offer opportunities as Europe s next high business location and stabilization.


Worldwide trend of regionalne working Facebook Tweeter, Instagram, etc. Launched as social networks for connecting people and informationj exchange, later recognized as a power tool for business promotion and development.

Corporate Sponsors’ regional approach in programming in addition to their country programs.

The region of the Balkan is considered by many current and prospective companies to offer opportunities as a large market.

Historical background of region and health care system.


To establish a strong network of and an umbrella organisation for wound management associations across the Balkan region bringing together individuals and organisations into wound management multidisciplinary groups.

Regional networking associations to promote the advancement of education and research into native epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds of all etiologies.

Cooperation with International Organization: EWMA, Regional Cooperation Council, EC, EU Funds, Erasmus, Horizon 2020.



To promote advancement of education and research into native epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds of all etiologies.

The BALWMA is an organization which is linking Wound Management Association across the Balkan region and a multidisciplinary group bringing together individuals and organizations interested in wound management.


National associations would rotate holding the coordinating position in the Network Secretariat every year.

Each association would appoint a contact person for the Network.


To improve cooperation among national associations and individuals dealing with wound management.

To implement projects of a wider regional character, to the benefit of each individual country.

To contribute to human and institutional capacity building of national associations.